Home Visit Network (NBS)


My name is Liza-Lee Campbell and I am a placement consultant, based on the Mornington Peninsular. When making a placements, it is my priority to match an individual to the most suitable home, based on their clinical and personal requirements. I treat each client as an individual and advocate on their behalf to secure them the best possible outcome for their situation. The right home for the right person means a smoother transition and better chance of overall long term happiness and well being. My business is fully independent and not affiliated with any facilities or providers allowing me to provide clients with unbiased advise and a broader choice of accommodation options. In my personal life, I am from a military family and have been an emergency respite foster career for over 20 years. My life experiences have supported me as aged care advocate by providing me with intimate knowledge of the processes of DHS, Veteran affairs and the Office of Public Advocacy. It has also lead me to have a strong interest in social welfare and justice. Through my experiences as placement agent, I have found the more complex and difficult placements to be the most rewarding. Although I enjoy helping people from all walks of life, I have a special interest in supporting socially disadvantaged, indigenous and higher needs clients.