Home Visit Network (NBS)


Why we do what we do…
We come to work every day to have a positive impact on peoples’ lives; to inspire people to make healthier lifestyle choices that improve physical and/or mental health that flow through the lifespan, leading to happier, healthier and more productive workers, high functioning retirees who are able to do the things they want to do and for people to live safely and independently in their homes and communities.

About Active One
How we achieve this…
We have created a work environment that both our team and our clients feel comfortable in and feel cared for. This helps us connect on a deeper level. We also engage like-minded health professionals to consult with us who share our philosophy, who are standouts in their field, who are passionate about what they do and embrace the importance of working together as a team. We offer a broad range of complimentary health services that together result in the best possible health outcomes; either individually or in group settings.

What we do…
We specialise in helping people who either have a chronic disease or injury or whom may be at high risk of developing one. At our clinic we have Diabetes Educators, Podiatrists, Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, a Speech pathologist and a General Practitioner. We see clients individually at our clinic or we visit them in their homes. We also run Healthy Lifestyle Workshops, Cardiac Rehabilitation (for Peninsula Private Hospital), Group Exercise programs and Workplace Health and Wellness services.

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