Home Visit Network (NBS)


Adapt Health Care is a community rehabilitation (home visit) service that provides a fully integrated allied health team with the sole purpose to ensure our elderly & disability clients can continue to live safely within their own homes. We provide services to clients aged 18yrs+ in their homes.

  • Operating standards for Adapt Health Care are initial assessment 90mins total (up to 60mins face to face + 30mins reporting) & follow up visits 60mins total (up to 45mins face to face + 15mins reporting).
    • Podiatry operating standards are different and include initial assessment 60mins total (up to 45min face to face + 15min reporting) & follow up visits 45mins total (up to 30mins face to face + 15mins reporting).
    • If clients are complex in nature extra time may be required (e.g. Deaf, English as a Second Language, complex multidiscipline referrals). Approval will be sought in advance.

Our Referral/ intake process is as follows:

  • Referrals are responded to within 24 hours of receipt.