Home Visit Network (NBS)


Empower Aged Care provides independent advice for seniors wishing to remain at home for longer. We provide a range of services to meet your needs with home visiting and phone / video-conference options available. All services are provided by Nicole Dunn a qualified health professional with 15 years industry experience.

Our Services

1. Holistic Aged Care Assessment
A comprehensive 2 hour home visit to assess and recommend the most appropriate home care services for your situation. All referrals including to My Aged Care are completed on your behalf and a written report is provided.

2. Case Management
Phone-based support for a client and their family to provide health care and home care advice and recommendations.

3. My Aged Care Made Easy
We complete a referral to My Aged Care referral on your behalf. No need to worry or book an appointment with your family doctor.

4. Health Care / Aged Care Advisory Service
Phone based support to talk through any challenges you have regarding health care / aged care options and treatment. We remove the medical jargon and explain everything in plain language so you feel confident moving forwards.