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Perth Podiatry was founded in 2011 to fill in a gap in the services available to the patients seeking medical care from the podiatry medical services sector within the Perth metropolitan region.

Our patients often lack the ability and mobility to look after their own foot care as they strive to manage their various health problems as they age.

We provide a highly valuable and sought after service to ensure our patient’s foot health is professionally managed.

Our mobile podiatrists are actively helping our patients age gracefully in this fast paced environment. Our mobile podiatry service mostly cater to patients whom require foot care in the comfort of their own homes. We also regularly visit hospitals, retirement villages, group homes and nursing homes for individual personalised patient care.

Our primary service would be providing a mobile medical podiatry service which would include cutting, filing, shaping, cleaning of toenails and sharp debridement of painful corns and calluses with sterilised podiatry equipment. We would also routinely relief pain from ingrowing, damaged or thickened nails.

Since then, our mobile podiatry practice has expanded to cater for most podiatric needs from general foot care through to ingrown nail surgery.

We strive to achieve good clinical outcomes through evidence based best practices, modern specialised equipment and continual upscaling of all our staff.

We are proud to provide excellent patient services which cater to the needs of the local communities whom we serve with utmost care and mutual respect.

We are located in Perth, Western Australia and currently service the Perth metropolitan region