Home Visit Network (NBS)


Sometime patients are unable to attend our clinic due to frailty, severe pain or inability to drive due to surgery. At Physio On Miller we offer home visits to ensure you are receiving appropriate and immediate care.

Following surgery your specialist may restrict you from driving or access to transport may be limited. Our physiotherapists can complete an assessment with you and begin a rehabilitation program to get you on the road to recovery.

Even if you’re limited with walking or moving your operated joint/muscle there are exercises we can prescribe to prevent excessive muscle wasting and pain from compensatory movements.

Sometimes pain can be so severe that it is difficult to get out of bed or to the car. Our physios can assist in pain relief through massage, gentle stretches and support either with taping or compression bandage. We can help get you moving with less pain by prescribing exercises to relieve the pain and advice on the best methods to move without pain.

Unfortunately as we get older it can become difficult to get around. Aches and pains can begin to creep up and it’s important to receive treatment. Our physios are happy to visit you at home. We can assess and treat you at your home and prescribe exercises to help your pain and increase your strength and mobility.

We can prescribe an exercise program to conduct at home and review and progress it accordingly. This will help maintain your current function and prevent any muscle wasting. Exercises are tailored to each client and incorporate strength, balance and flexibility using equipment around the house.

Physio On Miller offers in-house physiotherapy to residents at Pathways Aged Care Facility at Northbridge. We can assist clients in maintaining mobility and strength, reducing falls risks and recovery after injury with supervised sessions and a prescribed exercise program. In collaboration with the staff at Pathways we endeavour to improve general wellbeing and quality of life.