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One Stop Shop For All Things Feet
Podiatry Services SA is the only Company in Adelaide that is more than just a clinic or service, it is the total Podiatry package – The One Stop Shop For All Things Feet!

The Company Director Mav (Maria Latemore) utilised her diverse range of experience, skills and knowledge to develop this unique concept of offering a broader range of services, just in Podiatry, to make it easier for people to access all their podiatry needs from one business.

Examples of this one stop shop service we provide to the community include:
An athlete requiring orthotics in our clinic
An elderly person requiring a home visit who finds it difficult get to a clinic
A Residential Care Facility requiring ongoing podiatry care for their residents and
Another podiatry private practice requiring a locum service during a vacancy period

Podiatry Services SA is constantly recruiting flexible podiatrists to have on our database to cater for the vast range of services we provide just in podiatry, therefore we can meet podiatry requests immediately.

The Company director is and always will be a podiatrist and this is to ensure that all services provided by Podiatry Services SA are understood, are of high quality, meet podiatry standards and are developed, implemented and reviewed by a podiatrist with a high level of experience, knowledge and clinical skill.