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The Physio Co (TPC) was born in 2004, sparked by a passion to use physiotherapy to improve the lives of senior Australians. Founder, Tristan White, discovered hundreds of thousands of Australian seniors needed better physiotherapy services.

Since 2004, The Physio Co has grown from one-person with a vision to the team of over 140 people that exists today.

The Physio Co now visit thousands of clients every week and provide over 300,000 consultations every year. Growth at this rate is not possible without great attention to detail, outstanding customer service and ongoing quality assurance programs.

The Physio Co’s service has such a positive impact on the lives of clients every day. What can seem like simple daily tasks can be made a whole lot better by relieving pain and helping our clients to move easier and walk further. The results can make a huge difference in the life of people who have been in pain, frustrated and limited in their independence.