Home Visit Network (NBS)


How long have we been operating for?
Close to 5 years with many years of experience prior to starting the service.

Which areas do we service?
All of the Sydney Region – we cover all suburbs and districts within the Sydney Region and Outer Sydney.

How unique is this service from others?
Our main mission is to “bring the clinic to homes”. Like standard set clinics, we are fully equipped, fully portable and mobile, which would provide the client/patient the full and complete clinical experience in the comfort of their homes.

What do we do?
– General Nail & Skin Care
– Ingrown Toenails
– Diabetic Feet Assessment
– Diabetic Management
– Lower Limb Pain and Injuries
– Biomechanical and Gait Assessments
– Orthotics Prescription using Portable and accurate 3D Scanning
– Footwear Assessment Advice
– Sports Podiatry Conditions
– Geriatric / Aged Care Podiatry
– Paediatric Podiatry

Which clients do we service?
– NDIS Plan-managed & Self-managed clients
– Home Care Package clients (all levels)